Advertising at ScreamVention

We have several different advertising options available... If you are interested in any of the options below, click here to send us an email, choosing Advertising as the subject.

Website Banner
You can have your company logo advertised on the homepage of the ScreamVention website.

We shall be producing 3,000 wristbands over the two days - get your company logo shown here!

Staff T-Shirts
Get your company logo displayed on the staff t-shirts at the event.

Staff Lanyards
Advertise your company logo on our staff lanyards.

Brochure Advert
We shall be producing 3000 brochures that will be given to each attendee on arrival in a goodie bag. Advertise your company logo within this brochure.

Leaflet Distribution
Have you a business flyer or wish to advertise an event coming up? Then why not give us some leaflets that we can put into the goodie bag for all 3000 goodie bags.

Main Stage Display
Want your Business Name on the main stage for one or both days of our event?
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